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Supervisor on the Scene: Teamwork


Supervisor on the Scene: Teamwork


Everybody approves of teamwork, but developing and sustaining it on a day-to-day basis is a huge organizational challenge. With differences in attitude, skill levels, expectations, and work ethic, how can leaders, managers, and supervisors get employees on the same page, enhance performance, and get any task done?

Supervisor on the Scene: Teamwork shows supervisors how to strengthen teamwork that synergizes employees' efforts, and helps increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

The program helps supervisors:

  • Make the vital distinction between teamwork and synergy
  • Grasp the business value of teamwork
  • Set goals that are specific, challenging but realistic, and understood and agreed to
  • Specify the role and importance of every employee
  • Sustain teamwork through communication, conflict resolution, and celebrations of success

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