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Diversity: Respect at Work – Diversity Training


Diversity: Respect at Work – Diversity Training

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Just as each instrument in a band is needed to weave a rich harmony, so does every employee in an organization contribute to its goals. Employees must work together and create a unity that raises productivity and improves the bottom line. Deliver this powerful lesson to your organization and develop a more diversity-friendly culture with Diversity: Respect at Work, a program that helps employees understand, accept, and value differences. The program guides them how to:

  • Realize how open-mindedness can benefit the bottom line
  • Understand, identify, and manage biases
  • Recognize that disrespect can happen even without their knowing it
  • Create a more inclusive workplace
  • Adopt a “think before you speak” mindset
  • Resolve conflicts respectfully

Streaming Video, Flash Course, Electronic Leaders Guide
English - US, Spanish, Portuguese

| December 28,2015