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Asbestos In Construction



Asbestos In Construction

Keep workers free from asbestos-related risks with this course. A powerful support to your compliance efforts for OSHA Standard 1926.1101, it reviews some of basic asbestos information and presents standards and dangers specific to construction workers. It elaborates on the duties of OSHA-defined competent person, examines multi-employer worksites, and discusses medical requirements. Moreover, the program explores engineering controls, PELs, Class IV requirements, critical barriers and hygiene facilities for Class III work.

The Asbestos Standard

  • Basic Asbestos Review
  • Asbestos Construction Activities
  • Four Asbestos Work Classes
  • Respiratory Protection

  • Regulated Areas
  • Exposure Assessments and Monitoring
  • Employer's Respirator Program
  • Controlling Exposure

  • Methods of Compliance
  • Custodial Activities
  • Enclosure Methods
  • ASB007-INT-ENG
    Flash Course
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