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Understanding the New ADA


Understanding the New ADA

Update your employees' knowledge of the ADA. Inform them of the vital changes, including the broadened definition of major life activities so they can create a more respectful workplace, set up reasonable accommodations and prevent lawsuits that can destroy your company's reputation and hurt your bottom line!


  • Overview and Objectives

  • What is a Disability?
  • What is Considered a Disability?
  • Types of Impairments

  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Making a Reasonable Accommodation
  • Assistive Technologies

  • The Hiring Process
  • Getting Ready for the Interview
  • The Job Description
  • The Interview
  • Making a Decision

  • What Should You Do?
  • Working with Impairments
  • Complying with the ADA and the ADAAA

  • ADA005-INT-ENG
    Flash Course, Electronic Leaders Guide
    English - US